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The most successful businesses turn to Headnetics to achieve their growth and productivity aspirations. Powered by our expertise and proprietary tools, our consultants collaborate with you to make talent a competitive advantage.

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Welcome to Headnetics, the management consultancy firm that specialises in talent management, talent acquisition, and RPO services.

Our team of experienced consultants has a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions to help our clients optimise their talent management strategies, streamline recruitment processes, and build high-performance teams.

Whether you're a small business, a rapidly growing start-up, or an established enterprise, our team of experts can provide you with the support and guidance you need to achieve your talent goals.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your business objectives.

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Our 4 Step Approach

The Headnetics four-step approach ensures your talent system is aligned with your organisation's strategic goals and delivers long lasting results.

Step 1: Diagnostic

We assess your end to end talent system from processes to practices, behaviours to abilities. Headnetics talent acquisition and talent management consultancy diagnostic process

Step 2: Roadmapping

We design the vision of the step-change aspiration and create the project roadmap including timelines, budgets, and metrics for success. Headnetics talent acquisition and talent management consultancy stickies icon

Step 3: Change management

We work closely with key stakeholders across your business to create an adoption mindset and ensure that everyone understands their role in the new talent system. Headnetics talent acquisition and talent management consultancy folder icon

Step 4: Tenability

We set up the insights processes and tools so your new talent operation continues to deliver beyond expectation, autonomously after we’ve gone. Headnetics talent acquisition and talent management consultancy coffee icon

Who We Are



We create with our clients from day one. Together we build agile, high performance talent operations so your business will thrive today and tomorrow.

We know STEM

We understand the business, the skill sets and what it takes to employ the most sought after minds in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


Continuous improvement is at the heart of everything we do. We build robust recruitment operations that autonomously pivot with change. Freeing you to focus on organisational strategy.

Our Results

Headnetis has over 10 years of helping some of the biggest names in industry solve their productivity and growth challenges but don't just take our word for it, we think the results speak for themselves.

Case Study: More Success, Less Effort

Imagination Technologies, a global tech pioneer, faced several challenges in their talent operation, including long lead times for skills in high demand, high employee turnover, and a costly recruitment process. To address these challenges, they turned to Headnetics.

After a comprehensive assessment of Imagination's operations across Europe, Asia, and the USA, the team developed a transformative talent strategy. The solution included an agile hiring methodology, advanced candidate assessment practices, and employer brand upgrades as well as an EVP and a refreshed onboarding experience. The results were impressive - Imagination Technologies achieved hiring targets twice as fast, halved costs, and doubled employee retention.

Michele Byron, HR Director, praised Headnetic's work, citing increased savings of £1.3M a year. She also noted that the company now hires hundreds of highly sought-after tech professionals across three continents in half the time it used to take.

Brigid Smith, Senior Director Engineering Operations, credited Nick's expertise in engineering and hiring for the astounding results. Jamie Broome, Senior Director, praised Headnetic's for taking the company's strategic ambitions and creating an operational reality that continues to add value.

Headnetics offers businesses the opportunity to unlock tremendous potential and compete for and retain the best talent by leveraging the expertise of a partner who has done it all before.

Headnetics talent acquisition and talent management consultancy Nick Burden photo
Nick Burden
Founder of Headnetics

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If productivity is a key organisational objective, your business needs the best minds in the business, and you want to prepare for the future and ensure your company’s growth, that's where we can help. Our experienced consultants will work with you to understand your unique challenges and provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Contact us today for a free consultation and start unlocking the full potential of your workforce.

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